William B. Garfield had worked as a stoker for the railroad his entire life; that is until the summer of 1939.

Tensions were rising in Europe. The likelihood that Canada would be called to the front was just enough to destabilize the markets. So much so that the rail company William had spent his life with was about to leave him penniless. William had a family to support… he couldn’t let that happen.

In June of 1939, while the train police were busy with details for the Royal Visit, William Garfield pulled off the most amazing… and yet unreported, train heist known to date. You see, the train car he chose to rob was filled with ill-gotten gains earned from an illegal strip mining operation and were on their way to their benefactor in Boston.

During William’s escape he was shot and badly wounded. William later succumbed to his wounds in hospital, but not before he had a chance stash his newly acquired fortune in his safe house.

You are modern day treasure hunters. You have stumbled across information leading to William’s safe house. All that is left for your team is to get in, find William’s stash, and get out.

Sounds easy, right? Well, it may have been, if it wasn’t for the benefactor’s grandson, Lyle MacPherson (a known fugitive of the law and all around not nice guy). Lyle is hot on your trail. It’s best that you get out of the safe house before he gets there. Treasure or no treasure.