The Mind Hack Mission

We Foster Creativity

Mind Hack Room Escape aims to be the most entertaining and talked about escape room experience in our region. We empower our Game Masters to be dreamers and doers.

We Pursue Excellence

Mind Hack Room Escape provides our guests with an amazing experience through creative room concepts, outstanding customer service, and compelling, innovative design.

We Build Relationships

Mind Hack Room Escape seeks to build a community of visionaries. 
We want to create leaders and foster the growth and expansion of the escape room industry.

We Create Memories

Mind Hack Room Escape strives to be more than just an activity to enjoy with friends and family. Our goal is to provide you with an experience that touches both your heart and imagination.

Meet Our Masterminds

Matt Hall

Matt Hall

Matt Hall had a dream to become a World Renowned Skee-ball Champion. His plans were shattered when he suffered a life-altering injury at the hands of a ping-pong, that left him with a crippling fear of balls.

Seeking refuge from his pain and torment he found joy in escape rooms. His creativity gave him a place to grow and break away from fear.

Thank you little ping-pong for giving birth to the idea that was to become Mind Hack.

Shannon Hall

General Manager

Shannon’s favourite spot is behind the scenes; whether it’s helping to design puzzles, creating social media mischief, or working on this website.

Shannon is a bit Disney obsessed and when she’s not working on Mind Hack matters, she’s helping others plan vacations to the most magical place on earth.

When she’s not at Mind Hack she can usually be found curled up with her laptop, Netflix, and dogs.

Andrea Walsh

Game Master

Andrea Walsh has recently embarked on a new quest in this magical world. A newbie to Nova Scotia, she now enjoys spending her time locking people in rooms and seeing what happens from there. She is often seen with her trusty sidekick Riley, but don’t worry shes a lover not a fighter.

Andrea’s favourite movie is Jaws.

Good Luck and she promises to let you out… eventually.

Cyndi Locke

Game Master

Cyndi Locke has spent several decades trying to escape the rat race by performing in dinner theatre and writing scripts. Now she spends her time enjoying the company of her far-too-brilliant 5 year old and far-too-mature 17 year old. Fav movies: Contact and all Star Wars, all Marvel.

Have fun and may the force Avenge you.

Esther McLaren

Game Master

Esther left the circus life after 30+ years of eating fire and jumping through hoops.

Her years of experience taming tigers, training bears to dance, and forcing lions entertain the masses has helped her transition into the role of Game Master.

When she is not aiding guests on their many adventures, she is warding off evil spirits at the Hammonds Plains location.

Haley Doyle

Game Master

Haley is petrified of The Cabin but loves it at the same time.

As a budding criminologist, her favourite show is Bones.

In Haley’s free time she enjoys playing rugby or sitting by the fire sharing stories with her friends and family

Kelly Webster

Game Master

After returning from six years spent in the Peruvian Andes studying with Tibetan monks, Kelly has found nirvana in being an Escape Room Game Master.

She spends her free time raising chickens and children (free range and 100% organic.)

Please be warned: Proper precautions should be taken around Kelly. Her smile is contagious and laughter infectious.

Sam Ferguson

Game Master

Samantha Ferguson…outgoing… always in a different world. Mostly because she trips over nothing and happened to land there.

Samantha like comic books, ancient history, anything colorful, horror and action movies. She could easily be kidnapped with a cheesecake or kitty.