Great Western Bank Heist

Saddle Up for the Swindlin’ Showdown

Step back in time to the rugged days of the Wild West and become a cunning outlaw in our immersive escape room experience. Join forces with your posse to infiltrate the legendary Great Western Bank, crack intricate codes, uncover hidden treasures, and outsmart the bank’s ingenious security measures. It’s not just a heist – it’s a showdown of wits and camaraderie. Book now to wrangle your way through puzzles, claim the coveted documents and blow the bank sky high. Saddle up for a rootin’ tootin’ escapade that will leave you with memories as valuable as gold nuggets. Yeehaw!

Recommended Players: 4 -10

It’s a wildly good time

This experience is fantastic for team-building! 

Great for experienced players