Blackbeard's Hideaway

Listen closely, brave treasure hunters, for I have a tale that’ll make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.

Legends whisper of a nefarious pirate crew, led by the infamous Blackbeard, who plundered the riches of the locals and hid their treasure in a secret hideaway on an island shrouded in mystery. A fierce storm rages on, and Blackbeard and his scurvy dogs have moved their ship to safety, giving you the chance to venture forth and reclaim what’s rightfully yours.

However, time be of the essence, for Blackbeard and his crew shall return soon, and their wrath be fierce. Navigate the treacherous puzzles and challenges that lay ahead, and emerge victorious with the treasure in hand. The fate of the locals and their riches rests in your hands. Are ye ready to embark on this perilous journey?

Recommended Players: 4 -10

This experience will challenge your wits!

This room has tactile puzzles